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Norspa Ltd, is a Norfolk based company, servicing all of your spa and hot tub needs. The word ‘spa’ is an acronym for the Latin – ‘salus per aquam’, which literally means ‘salvation through water!’ Ancient civilisations, including the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, used spas for therapy and relaxation.

Spas and hot tubs have changed dramatically since the days of soaking in natural mineral baths. However, the benefits of relaxing in soothing warm water, remain the same today as they have ever been. So get in touch, we’ll help you stay spa safe and keep your tub in tip top condition.
Welcome….to Norspa.

Spa Care

Norspa Spa and Hot Tub Servicing

Did you know that not taking care of your spa correctly, can actually make you ill! Keeping your water chemistry in balance, not only protects your tub, it can also shield you from some serious skin conditions. Remember that ‘what goes in the water, stays in the water’, until you empty it.

So, pay close attention to the chemical balance, test it regularly and adjust it accordingly. Ensure you have a box of suitable test strips (for Bromine, for Chlorine or both), and simply follow the advice. If your PH or Alkalinity levels are too low or too high, add the appropriate chemicals to counter balance the condition. Instructions on how to do this, will be on the chemical packaging. If you are unsure, don’t struggle! Just call.

Health Benefits

Norspa Spa and Hot Tub Servicing

There are many. When your body absorbs heat, several physiological changes occur. As your body warms up, blood flow is increased, causing your blood vessels to dilate. This reduces blood pressure, often in under half an hour! Also, the hot water causes muscle relaxation as heat from the water is carried deep into your muscles.

Unlike a bath tub, your spa can maintain the water temperature indefinitely. So whilst soaking in your spa, your blood does not recirculate at a reduced temperature. It travels deep within your body at a warmer temperature than before, thereby delivering therapeutic heat where other treatments cannot. Even the fittest among us can have a lot of weight on our joints. Think of your feet and ankles -they support almost all of your body’s weight – every day, all day long.

Other joints are constantly in motion – your knees, elbows, and wrists, for example. And unfortunately, everyone has either directly experienced some sort of back pain, or knows someone who has. When we are sitting in a spa, the natural buoyancy of the water supports approximately 90% of our weight. This reduces the strain on our joints, by giving them some “time off” from the daily routine. Pressure is greatly reduced on all of your joints and muscles while you are relaxing in your spa. So sit back and get healthy.

Spa Detox Service

A deep bio chemical clean of the whole system. The spa shell and all internal pipe works (the bits you don’t see) are treated. Even when your spa is empty, there are still several gallons of used water inside the pipe network. The spa is thoroughly cleansed and every drop of water removed, before being cleanly refilled and chemically treated with your sanitizer of choice. The cabinetry and spa cover are also cleaned and treated with UV protectant where possible.

The tub will be left shiny fresh, heating up ready for use and smelling fantastic! Takes 3-5 hours depending on condition of spa.

Refill & Refresh Service

If all you want to do is enjoy your spa, without the added workload of changing the water every 90 days, this service provides your answer. Just schedule a refresh with us and we will chemically treat your tub with a pipe cleaning product, before removing your existing water. The spa is then cleanly refilled, chemically treated with your sanitizer of choice, and left heating up ready for use. This is an intermediate clean / refill, not a full detox.

Installations, Relocations & Siting Guidance Services

Installing your new tub can be a headache if the retailer does not offer a full installation service. Our professionally qualified personnel will take away the pain. If you are remodeling the garden, or moving house, we can help you with relocating your tub and the electrics, getting it in just the right location.

General Maintenance & Repair Service

If you need to replace a set of headrests, a defective jet, or any part of your spa, or you have a leak or an electrical fault, this service is the one you need. Just call or email the details in and we will call you back to discuss the issues, then get you booked in for an appointment, if required. Some issues can be sorted with just a phone call.

Insurance & Damage Assessment Evaluations

If your tub has been damaged and you need an assessment report for insurance purposes, this is the service you need. A comprehensive and professional report will be conducted and supplied with supporting photographs to yourselves or your insurance company direct, as appropriate.

Get To Know Your Spa Service

Some customers find when relocating, that not only do they get a nice new place to live, they also may inherit a hot tub with it! Not having researched and purchased it from a retailer, they may have little or no working knowledge of how to use one or take care of it.  Or perhaps you just want to make sure you are doing everything right!

This service will take you through all the steps required to get the best trouble free enjoyment out of your spa and get you acquainted. We will help you to understand the controls, the functions and the required essential maintenance and guide you in creating your own routine to ensure your tub is kept optimized and safe for you and your family to use.

We service all American, Canadian and European hot tubs…

What our customers have to say…

Paul from Norspa is very reliable, knowledgeable and experienced, would highly recommend
Mr & Mrs Lake, Heacham - Sundance Spa
We have been using Norspa continually for over 3 years to maintain our Sundance Bahia Hot Tub practically from new. Over that time, on all accounts, starting from technical knowledge, professionalism, patience and factual diagnostic approach, through to telephone support skills, customer care, reasonable pricing and dedication to us as customers (answering calls promptly, coming back with updates on progress, etc.), Norspa deserves highest of praise and our personal recommendation. On one occasion, we even left Paul from Norspa to come and go while we were on holiday – on that occasion, the spare part of the control board needed was not available locally due to obsolescence (long lead time from US), so Paul, in our absence, sourced an alternative locally for a fraction of the price of a listed spare and did it all before we returned to find the hot tub in full working order. Solid, reliable and trustworthy fully guaranteed service – would recommend without hesitation.
Mr & Mrs S, Huntingdon
Prompt reliable professional service
Professional service. Following a Norspa detox, our tub looks like a new one!
George, King's Lynn
I had no doubt my spa would be back in action in no time. Fast friendly service.
Mr Graham, Wisbech
My problem was sorted over the phone. Great customer service.
Mr & Mrs King
Paul offers a professional, knowledgeable, reliable and very friendly service across East Anglia.
John, Eye
We would recommend Paul and NORSPA most highly. Punctual and reliable. Workmanship was highly professional. Always kept us advised of any delays. Faults were clearly and simply explained. Prices of spare parts were stated and maintained. Progress was updated early if delays to parts delivery were encountered. (Spare parts for our heater unit had to come from America). We wish Paul and Norspa every success for the future.
Capt J and Mrs. M. W, Wisbech
Service and attention to detail is superb. Friendly helpful advice is freely given without pressure to follow it up.
E&A, Greater Norwich
Paul from Norspa did a great job of rejuvenating our ageing Sundance Spa. He sourced genuine parts to make the necessary repairs and after a thorough clean, it was as good as new.
Peter, King’s Lynn
A very professional and friendly service.
Gareth and Danielle
Reliable, professional, first class service
Mr & Mrs T
Thank you so much. Enjoyed a hot tub yesterday – magic!!
Friendly, courteous, very knowledgeable and professional customer service. Couldn’t be happier with the results.
Mr & Mrs C, Stowbridge